German CEO Excellence Awards 2023: Auszeichnung

02/06/23: Best Marketing Services CEO 2023: Stephan Probst

Eine schöne Auszeichnung als Best Marketing Services CEO 2023 für Stephan Probst. Die Auszeichnung wird vergeben von EU Business News, nach Prüfung durch eine Fachjury unter den eingereichten Nominierungen.

Die Jury erklärt die Bedeutung des Awards wie folgt. "EU Business News is proud to announce the much-awaited return of the German CEO Excellence Awards 2023, making its way back for the 2nd consecutive year! After the expectation that the country was finally on the road to economic recovery by the end of the year, the recent energy crisis felt throughout the majority of Europe, followed by the knock-on effects on inflation and consumer confidence put this expectation on hold. Various sectors throughout Germany are feeling the pressure placed upon them. Cuts to trade output, a reduction of inventory and supply chain bottlenecks are all examples of the multiple challenges being experienced. Ultimately, a critical threat to German businesses is developing. It is in this turbulent economy, particularly following on from the fluctuations caused by the recent global pandemic that has provided one of the most challenging environments for businesses in the country to persevere and survive, with CEO’s right at the helm! The German CEO Excellence Awards 2023, hosted by EU Business News, aims to showcase and place a figurative spotlight on the people that have found themselves responsible for guiding their businesses through one of the most turbulent positions the global economy has found itself in modern times!" 

Wir, DRIVE, freuen uns sehr über diese Anerkennung, vielen herzlichen Dank an die Jury für die Nominerung und Auswahl, an unser ganzes Team, welches dies durch den Einsatz ermöglicht, besonders an unsere Kunden, Freunde und Partner, mit denen wir die erforderlichen Ergebnisse zusammen erzielen: Danke schön!