How to relaunch a website

How do you organize a relaunch of your website? Here comes a little introduction for you: how to do it smart, fast, and efficient. Have fun reading. 

The animals of the forest need a new website

One evening all animals, small and big, meet for an assembly. What is to do?

But how to proceed? They ask the Prince Charming. He will know what to do. 

And the Prince has a good idea: start with a project plan! Ready, steady, go! 

Then the animals invite themselves some proven experts: the Elfs, the Dwarfs, the Giants and the Magicians. Plus some normal ones. 

All agencies come with presents

The Giants present a concept which is more rough, raw and hard. 

The Elfs show something of extreme beauty. But very elaborate to maintain.

The Magicians tend to remain more vague and nebulous.

The object the Dwarfs present is by far the smallest. But veeeeery expensive.

The Normal Ones are just presenting a damn good website.

How will the animals decide? With whom will they design and develop their new website? If you´re curious to find out, just contact us: pole-position(at)

Here´s a good idea

At DRIVE we have a lot of experience with website relaunches: in TYPO3, Wordpress, Concrete5, Magento and Magento 2 and lots of other CMS and shop systems. So if you are planning such a project we can support you or at least give you some useful advice. Call us - we are looking forward to you!