How to communicate to gain new employees

Which instruments are available and the best to adress and gain new employees as a company? Here comes a range of ideas and proposals. >>> Instruments and examples can be seen here.

This goes for all kind of companies, be them small, midsized or big and internationally famous. It is allways important to communicate good and constantly to adress potential and future employees.

Some may think it´s important to get their job done and good. That is true. But: it´s not enough. 

Every company can be the next. Are the employees content and happy? Are they willing and able to fulfill good work? In your company? These are questions every company and every staff manager has to ask.

Which are the best tools, instruments and media to communicate with potential new employees? The classic ones sure aren´t any longer.

It won´t help to throw the towel. Time to try something new. 

How are others doing it? Some offer fun and entertainment besides work.

This may be fine in moderation. But it could have a significant adverse effect on your revenue.

How do you become popular for your employees? And hopefully stay to be?

As important as your companys mission may be - it´s important that your current and future employees are at least as convinced as you yourself.

Whenever you think you can't go on, from somewhere there comes a little light.

Professional aid should be appreciated. At DRIVE we have a set of instruments which have proven to be succesful.

It is always important to see the big picture: communication and the performance as a whole.

The identity of your company, the work environment, your education program and especially your communication - take everything into account.

Bring your image up to date. Sometimes it´s time for a rebrush to keep your identity fresh.

Same goes for the work environment. Yours should be veeery good, well equiped so your collegues may fulfill their tasks with joy and purpose. 

Here come some further advices

Use the same media channels your target group uses. Simple, hun?

Distinguish. Be recognizable, even in the blink of an eye.

Communication is everything. Send positive messages and build up a positive dialogue. 

What do your future employees desire the most: money, love, friendship, respect, perspective, fantastic tasks. Offer them these gratifications.

D.R.I.V.E. Employer Communication Task Force

The instruments for employer communication we build for our customers have proven themselves. You want to know some more? >>> Please see some examples.

What the best may be for your requirement? Together we can work out some great solutions: pole-position(at)