DRIVE moves and never holds still. Where do we get our input from? Our knowledge, our inspirations, our ideas, in order to be on the cutting edge for our customers? For that reason, we created our Knowledge Box. We present here interesting studies, examinations, scientific articles, articles published in trade magazines etc., so you can continue to get the best out of you and/or your company.

Content Marketing

  • The attention span of customers decreases continuously these days, that’s why companies must endeavor generating the attention of customers again. Therefore, new Content-Strategies have to be developed.
    "So entwickelt man eine Content-Strategie entlang der Customer Journey“,
    Olaf Kopp, 2018. 
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    Topic areas: content, content-strategy, customer journey, marketing, strategy
  • An empirical analysis of the Content Marketing Strategies of german companies. On this occasion, the focus is on Content Strategy, Content Collection, Content Editing, Content Distribution and Content Controlling.
    "Content-Marketing-Strategien in der Unternehmenspraxis: Eine empirische Analyse“,
    Hans-Christian Riekhof, Teresa Jacobi, 2016
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    Topic areas: content, empirical analysis, content-strategy, strategy, marketing
  • Here you can find strategies and actions, how you can face the topic of making published content visible to the public without vanishing.
    "Marketing für Anfänger: So gehen deine Inhalte nicht in der Masse unter“,
    Niklas Grewe, 2020
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    Topic areas: marketing, content, strategies, social media
  • Marketing and Tiktok? Possible! How can marketers use this plattform for their own purpose?
    ,,Marketing auf Tiktok: So kreierst du eine Content-Strategie",
    Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes-Cheung, 2020
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    Topic areas: content, marketing, Tiktok
  • Using Call-to-Actions elements deliberately and correctly is a key skill.
    ,,Call-to-Action richtig im Marketing einsetzen",
    artegic AG, 2020
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    Topic areas: Call-to-Action, marketing, layout
  • How do potential buyers decide which product they buy?
    ,,Customer-Journey-Studie: Google und Amazon verlieren an Bedeutung",
    Joachim Graf, 2020
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    Topic areas: customer journey, Google, Amazon, content-marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • How effective is influencer marketing in reality? Do the expenditures generate the return on investment, which is hoped for?
    "Viel Lärm um nichts? Wie hoch der ROI beim Influencer Marketing wirklich ist“, 
    Tina Bauer, 2016
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    Topic areas: social media marketing, influencer marketing, ROI, Instagram, Facebook
  • Pinterest develops to an important player in the advertising market.
    "Pinterest überholt Snapchat als drittgrößte Social-Media-Plattform“, 
    Giuseppe Rondinella, 2020
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    Topic areas: Pinterest, Snapchat, race, USA, Facebook, Instagram, ads
  • How important is Instagram for the sales of Facebook?
    Instagram: Ein Viertel vom Facebook-Umsatz; Nutzungsdauer 28 Minuten am Tag
    Michael Kroker, 2020
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    Topic areas: Facebook, Instagram, sales
  • A youth trend or a big market opportunity? TikTok is booming.
    TikTok mit 5,5 Millionen aktiven Nutzern in Deutschland – Spitzenwert in Europa
    Michael Kroker, 2020
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    Topic areas: TikTok, social media
  • A study about how many people follow buying recommendations from private contacts.
    "Social Media: Einfluss auf Kaufentscheidungen wächst“, 
    Roland Heintze, 2017
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    Topic areas: social media, study, survey, sales
  • Fascination social media: even after one and a half decades, on the one hand, everyone uses social media as a marketing instrument, on the other hand, only a few people really understand it. This article unravels this topic.
    "‘Likes‘ Lead to Nothing – and Other Hard-Learned Lessons of Social Media Marketing“,
    Dina Gerdeman, 2017
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    Topic areas: social marketing, social media, marketing strategy, strategy, ads
  • In this article, the growing importance of influencers as a marketing strategy is being thematized.
    "Studie: Jeder 5. Folgt Influencer-Empfehlung beim Shoppen“,
    Dieter Petereit, 2020
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    Topic areas: social media, influencer marketing, marketing, strategy
  • A blog as marketing strategies can be both, advantageous and disadvantageous, at the same time. What do you have to pay attention for, following such a strategy?
    "Blogger Relations: Eine Anleitung für Unternehmen“,
    Falk Hedemann, 2013
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    Topic areas: blog, blogger-relation, marketing, strategy, guidance
  • Contacting companies is getting easier nowadays, e.g. through messenger on Facebook or Direct Messaging on Instagram. Which possibilities arise here?
    Garett Sloane, 2020
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    Topic areas: digital, social media, technology, clients contact
  • The use of social media makes the usage of news decrease? According to scientists, the opposite is true. Surfing there gets you with with more news in touch.
    Main study: SOCIAL SCIENCES: How social network sites and other online intermediaries increase exposure to news
    Michael Scharkow et al. 2020
    To the main study
    Article: VON WEGEN FILTERBLASE - Soziale Medien steigern Nachrichtenvielfalt
    Jan Dönges, 2020
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    Explanation: Soziale Medien und Suchmaschinen sind laut Studie besser als ihr Ruf
    JGU Mainz, 2020
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    Topic areas: social media, news, filter bubble

Human Resources

  • Data are nice and good but this article deals with the huge importance of human interaction for entrepreneurial success stories.
    "Your Data-Driven Marketing Is Harmful. I Should Know: I Ran Marketing at Google and Instagram“,
    Eric Solomon, 2020
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    Topic areas: HR, staff, data, interactions
  • In fast moving times, employee teams must work together efficiently and reliably, even if they’re not working at the same location. Thus, good strategies have to be evolved in order to ensure a successful cooperation.
    "Die 6 besten Teambuilding-Strategien für Remote-Teams“,
    Isa von Hobe, 2019
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    Topic areas: teambuilding, remote-teams, cooperation, strategy
  • A scientific study which deals with the importance of a human contact person when it comes to high involvement buying decisions, e.g. in the financial sector.
    "Mitigating the Negative Effects of Customer Anxiety through Access to Human Contact“,
    Michelle A. Shell, Ryan W. Buell, 2019
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    Topic areas: involvement, self-service, customer behavior, customer decisions, social psychology

Company Strategies

  • An interview between DMV-president Dr. Ralf Strauß and absatzwirtschaft about marketing in times of coronavirus.
    ,,Coronavirus und Marketing: nichts für “Schönwetter-Kapitäne”,
    Vera Hermes, 2020
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    Topic areas: coronavirus, marketing
  • Creating cooperations which would have been unthinkable of before: Which strategies exist for the purpose of reaching new customer groups and consequently increasing the sales?
    "So entwickelst du erfolgreiche Ökosystem-Strategien“,
    Julian Kawohl, Denis Krechting, Peter Borchers, 2019
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    Topic areas: ecosystem-strategies, strategy, cooperation, copartnerships
  • How can you create marketing strategies as a company, which takes the own success as well as the whole world into account?
    "7 Ways Marketers Can Stop Destroying Our Environment“,
    Jessica Lohmann, 2019
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    Topic areas: marketing strategies, environment, sustainability
  • How hard is it to change the customer buying behaviour more sustainably?
    ,,Consumers don’t want to choose between sustainability and convenience",
    Molly Fleming, 2020
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    Topic areas: sustainability, buying behaviour, strategy
  • A scientific study about the influence of CEOs on public opinions, which are not connected with their own company directly.
    "Assessing the Impact of CEO Activism“,
    Aaron K. Chatterji, Michael W. Woffel, 2019
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    Topic areas: CEO, opinions, society, social activism
  • Is an AI really able to analyze the needs of customers? Or do you still need a human for that purpose?
    "Don’t Turn Your Marketing Function Over to AI Just Yet“,
    Kristen Senz, 2019'
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    Topic areas: AI, artificial intelligence, marketing strategy, product marketing
  • By monitoring human behaviour unobtrusively, mobile sensing technologies have the potential to improve our daily lives. Initial results from a field study demonstrate that such passive technologies can detect a complex psychological state in an uncontrolled, real-life environment.
    "Using multimodal wearable technology to detect conflict among couples“,
    Adela C. Timmons et al., 2019
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    Topic areas: psychology, sensing technology, love, partnerships
  • Which are promising strategies for a successful brand management?
    "Digitale Markenführung: Starke und völlig neue Markenerlebnisse“,
    Prof. Dr. D. Georg Adlmaier-Herbst, 2020
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    Topic areas: brand management, digital media, strategies
  • Like many other things, marketing develops during time. Which new trends can we expect?
    "6 Tech-Trends, denen sich Marketer 2020 nicht entziehen können",
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    Topic areas: marketing, trends, technology

Advertisment/ Product Placement / SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is present all around. So how can you reach that your rankings of the relevant keywords do not stagnate but increase in positions?
    "Drei Strategien, um stagnierende Rankings zu überwinden“,'
    Leonard Brahm, 2019
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    Topic areas: SEO, Google, keywords, ranking, strategy
  • An interview between Brian Kenny and an expert on customer behavior, Shelle Santana, about the importance of branding in comparison to the pure advertising of products
    "Super Bowl Ads Sell Products, but Do They Sell Brands?“,
    Brian Kenny, 2019
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    Topic areas: branding, products, ads, customer behaviour
  • Reaching target groups and minimizing divergence loss: This should be the goal of every ad campaign. Still, many companies do mistakes.
    "Nur 43 Prozent der Werbekampagnen sind personalisiert“,
    Rakuten Marketing, 2020
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    Topic areas: ads, targeting, ad campaigns
  • Spotify expands on possibilities as an ads place. Which these are, you can read about in the following article.
    ,,Werbung in Podcasts: Spotify führt datengetriebene Vermarktungstechnologie ein",
    Meedia, 2020
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    Topic areas: ads, Spotify, podcasts
  • The belief that e-mail marketing is dead, is simply wrong. How can you face this topic in 2020?
    "5 Exciting Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020",
    Thomas Griffin, 2020
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    Topic areas: marketing, e-mail marketing, trends
  • What do you think about seeing a golden, curved M? How important is branding?
    ,,Branding versus Conversion-based Marketing – was hat Zukunft?",
    Torben Platzer, 2020
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    Topic areas: marketing, branding, brand
  • The switch from Google to the complete Mobile First approach.
    ,,In spätestens einem Jahr: Google setzt vollständig auf Mobile-First-Index",'
    Patrick Büttgen, 2020
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    Topic areas: SEO, Mobile First, Google

Information Technology

  • Applying for an ID from home? Some cities already work at such a solution. But which issues arise and what do you have to look for?
    "E-Gouvernment: Digitale Identität hat schweren Stand“,
    Susan Rönisch, 2020
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    Topic areas: data protection, E-Gouvernment, survey
  • Meantime, TYPO3 is an important support for the internet. But on what was TYPO3 built on and which advantages does it have?
    ,,Goldene Zeiten mit TYPO3",
    Knowis Magazin, 2018
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    Topic areas: TYPO3, programming, Websites
  • The tasks of a CMS changed during this century quite a lot, what do you have to look for nowadays?
    "Inhalte für alle(s): Was ist eigentlich ein Headless CMS?"
    Dieter Petereit, 2020
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    Topic areas: CMS, frontend, backend, design
  • The relevance and the de facto simplicity of an intranet system is being thematized in this article.
    "Ein Intranet (fast) ohne die IT-Abteilung?"
    Ricardo Thiele, 2020
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    Topic areas: intranet, communication, IT

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