Redesign of the logo, website and more

Project description

Are you down for some culture? Always! But it is precisely this culture that also needs to be funded. To ensure such funding, there is the Creative Europe Desk KULTUR - the official national contact point for EU cultural funding. The CED KULTUR accompanies all those who have ideas and visions and need support on the way to realization.

For this purpose Drive had the task to develop a new logo, a corporate design and a framework layout for the new website of the CED KULTUR and to implement it in Wordpress. From these, we additionally derived designs and layouts for the other communication channels such as social media, newsletters, etc.

To make research and navigation on the site as easy and intuitive as possible for cultural professionals, we also developed a user-oriented navigation structure. Together with the clear and appealing design, the new website now helps CED KULTUR to support artists all over Europe!

DRIVE's tasks