Digitalization for midsized companies

How can small, midsized or big companies respond to the challenges of digitalization? Which are the main tasks and how can digitalizing processes bring real benefits to your company? Here you find a little story showing an example. Have fun.

Please see our young and ambituous entrepreneur Chief Ragnar, running a midsized farm business, the Fresh Young Vikings, ready to conquer global agricultural markets together with his faithful companions, aiming for worldwide leadership. 

But Digitalization of his business is not running as smooth as he expects it. He is facing some serious issues on his road ahead of him. 

For example: the cable infrastructure he has to use is very poor. 

His sheep are distracted by playing mobile app games all day long. And some stranger is taking improper pics which are strangely published on inappropriate sites. The chicks are not amused. 

The worst of it all: the whole value chain of his company is still completly analogue! And on top: his employees request to be addressed in a much more modern way. Our young farmer realizes by now: it´s time for a change!

The cows can only watch free TV. Therefore their milk is getting sour and quality decreases. 

Security is getting out of hand. Innovative technologies are used by his staff for personal pleasure instead of the intended usage. Thieves are allowed to enter the company ground without any obstruction! 

And when his inventive farmhand proves to him the lack of connectivity his internal network offers compared to market benchmarks our young farmer decides to take action!

Competent support is what he needs, now and in full extent! How we at DRIVE are supporting him? We love to demonstrate to you: pole-position(at)

Digitalitzation: That's what DRIVE can do

At DRIVE we have some experience: Since several years we aide and guide our small, midsized and big customers, local, national and global actors with the digitalization of their company processes and structures. We solved quite some challenges using several technical platforms, please see some of our references. You would like to know some more? >>> Let´s get in contact! We are looking forward to speaking to you!