All companies, small or big, have this one important task in common. They all have to communicate internally with their employees.

They have to tell their employees, what´s to do: where, when, with what and why. To plan, coordinate, control and share information, knowledge and documents and so many more.

Important tasks have to be solved anytime and anywhere in the company. Employees have to take jobs, work on problems, rise on challenges. 

Especially when things get rough even the best can mess with each others business.

Even the best plans can fail: yours may be perfect - they still can fail in implementation.

Do you want to rely just on luck in such situations? 

Better to work with a proven expert at your side. 

And the expert should come with good company at his side.

How to work efficiently - concept, design and development for to deliver the best results.

Let the artists and experts do their jobs. And communicate with them constantly.

Because: You want the solutions cope with the requirements: individually and customized. Out of the box standard solutions will not work. And "cheap" ist not the equivalent to "good".

Integration and Optimization: to improve what exists. 

Good solutions will be accepted by your team. They experience them every day, gain more succes and have more fun altogether.

Employees develop and improve. Tools support and deliver intelligent results. To the point, agil and flexible adapted to current and changed situations, new requirements and high standards.

This is how a good intranet arises. Which promotes efficiency and effectivity. With much more fun in action.

So you´d like to have one for yourself, too? You are welcome: pole-position(at)

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