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Project description

The pro familia Landesverband Niedersachsen e.V. provides counseling as part of a nationwide network of counseling centers that supports in particular adolescents, parents and schools on topics such as family planning, sexuality, partnership, pregnancy and birth, and assists them with medical, psychosocial and family law counseling.

Young people in particular have many questions about these topics and need a way to access pro familia's extensive range of counseling services directly and, above all, discreetly. With the "pro familia Messenger" app, DRIVE has created a new communication channel that makes exactly this possible! Since October 2021, the app has been available for both Android and Apple devices in the respective app stores. In doing so, the app creates a safe and anonymous space for young people to ask any questions they may have, communicate directly with pro familia counselors, and receive comprehensive, targeted counseling.

Mockup of the "pro familia Messenger" app

DRIVE's tasks

  • Conceptual design of the app and the structure
  • App development including navigation, compatibility check to all popular Android and iOS devices, ensuring app security etc.
  • Design of the necessary graphics, images and the design of the icons
  • Implementation of a comprehensive CMS with user administration and timetable of editors
  • Implementation of an extensive test phase
  • Upload to the stores
  • Training in the T3 and chatadmin tool
  • Hosting of the app
  • Support of the app

Website link: Google Play Store & App-Store