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Adenauerallee 3
D-30175 Hannover

Telefon:+49 511 640 706 – 0


All roads lead to Rome - and many lead to DRIVE.

In the heart of Hannover and close to the green lung Eilenriede is the seat of the media agency DRIVE near the Lister Platz. You are welcome to visit us on your own way and choose the best suitable transport for you.

By car

If you would like to travel by car, we advise you to the parking lot of the Novotel Hotel. This is next door and is the safest - and quickest - way to find a parking space for your car. We recommend using your navigation device for the fastest and best route. The address for the navigation system is: Podbielskistraße 19, 30163 Hannover

Public transportation

If the suburban railway is the method of your choice, you can reach us with the subway lines 3, 7 and 9 at the train station Lister Platz. If you are arriving via train, get off at the main train station Hannover. You will find the entry to the underground station near platform 12. Simply take one of the following lines in the right direction: line 3 - Altwarmbüchen, line 7 - Misburg, or line 9 - Fasanenkrug. If your train ticket does not include public transport, a short-distance ticket is perfectly adequate for the two stations. Please get a ticket before boarding the subway, there's no way to buy a ticket in the cars.

You prefer taking the bus? If this is more in line with your desire for a good and green approach, your destination should be the bus stop Lister Platz. Four different bus lines stop here: 100, 121, 134 and 200. From there, always go in the direction of the famous Leibniz Keks. It was kidnapped by the Cookie Monster, but returned after a while.

Alternative Means

If your decision falls on one of the most environmentally friendly of all alternatives bicycle, skateboard, inline skating or on foot, then you are certainly someone from this beautiful city of Hannover and won't require directions. Simply find us at the old Bahlsen Factory in the List.

We are looking forward to your visit!