German Digitalization

Old infrastructure

14/07/20 Why does it not work? (As it could.)

Digitalisierung in Good Old Deutschland - was läuft nicht?

Warum sind wir digital in Deutschland so weit hinten? Wo müssen wir ansetzen, um es besser zu machen? Ein kleiner Ausflug rein ins Land. 

1.) German Gemütlichkeit

It takes some time to get us moved.

2.) Old infrastructure

A lot of things are old and rotten, we do need many upgrades.

3.) Too much entertainment tends to make us lazy

... and does not inspire us  to move.

4.) Afraid of the New

No curiosity, no spirit to reach out prevent us to grow.

5.) Sheer stupidity and not enough technical knowledge

Even by young people, also by teachers, by parents, by politicians and many more decision makers. "Technology" should be common knowledge. 

What can we do?

Our task is to develop a positive vision of how the world shall be! Something beyond money!

Stephan Probst

Stephan Probst

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