Media and Applications: Concept, Design and Development

DRIVE offers a comprehensive portfolio for the design of communication of digital media and software applications. The starting point of our work is the dialogical establishment of communication between you and your partners.


Digital Media

Websites and Webportals

The lead medium: on the website you focus your statements, what is important, what you are good and special at, who you address, your benefits. You have to arrange this so that it arrives well and correctly. Our customers are successful. Our claim is that you are also successful..

eCommerce: Online-Shops B2B and B2C

At DRIVE you work with experts in the conception, design, development and online marketing of online shops. At all stages from the initial concept via the design and development of the whole system, including the linkup with your ERP system to complete maintenance and support we are your partner and facilitator.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

DRIVE devises, designs and develops applications as native or hybrid apps for iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets of every size.

Intranet today: Social and dialogue-oriented tool making your daily work easier

In today's intranets, employees can learn, share, and communicate to help them in their work, to make it easier, to speed it up, and to increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of the company, to support the fun and togetherness. For this purpose, social media functions, tools and instruments are used. Monological information platform? That was yesterday.


Knowledge is one of the most exclusive ressources in modern organizations. Because this is what enables you, your staff and your company to grow and develop innovation. This is especially important if you operate across a number of sites, develop products or pursue research in another way. The aim is to secure this knowledge and continuously develop it to safeguard the future.

Software and Applications

Software Development and Applications

DRIVE develops software and applications based on PHP, Java and open source systems, e.g. in TYPO3, xt: Commerce or Magento. We develop digital media according to your individual goals and requirements.

Merchandise management, ERP systems

DRIVE supports you in setting up or adapting your digital structures and systems to optimize your internal workflows, also in the ERP/ WWS area.

Product database and cross media system solutions

The aim and task of a cross media system is to bring together data from different data sources and release it in a variety of new media channels in a dynamic manner in accordance with specific format and design requirements. We employ systems such as these, for example, to release apps for web catalogs, print catalogs and catalogs for mobile applications. These systems are especially efficient whenever the processing of very large quantities of data is required.

Online Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

The first step is a detailed analysis of your website according to SEO aspects: Keyword analysis, on-page and off-page analysis and analysis of the information architecture and the technical structure of the site.  On this basis you will receive recommendations for the next action to be taken.

Following the keyword analysis, we know which search terms are important, whether and how they appear on your website, and what’s missing here. Your site now needs to be arranged in such a way that Google has no trouble scanning it for these keywords and that it will then supply the right results. We work on the structures of the site, the texts, titles, meta descriptions, the URL structure, the technical infrastructure, and much more besides.

It can be months before SEO measures kick in. When all the measures have been properly implemented, the ranking positions of your website will steadily improve in terms of the most important keywords. However, as Google is constantly changing and adapting its search algorithms, the position will always have to be monitored and action taken. To achieve this, we set up the correct infrastructure in conjunction with you.

Search Engine Advertising

Good results are achieved with AdWords – providing you plan, organize and direct your campaigns carefully and monitor the results continuously. We will attend to this for you.

Social Media Marketing

We design your profiles, content and ad campaigns geared to your individual goals. Concept for content, communication, Facebook ads and more. In doing so, we help you to find the right paths and platforms, to find your users and followers, and to successfully engage in dialogue with them.

Classical Media

Flyers, brochures, corporate designs

Your print materials are also important in a digital world, e.g. for the first impression or as support for conversation. We design so that your messages make a big hit with print.

Fair and event communication

At trade fairs, you and your company have to attract attention, appear and convince. What do visitors want to see? Who you are, what you can do, what benefits you offer. Your stand is your stage, we stage the performance with you.


Film moves and convinces. With images that convey clear statements, convey emotions that work, in social media, on large screens, at trade fairs, events or in your web portal. The main thing: well done, with humor, aesthetics and a lot of DRIVE. We realize films, e.g. for fashion and lifestyle, sports, technology and research, nutrition and health, packaging and more. You can find examples on our YouTube channel.


Communication needs good pictures that convince. And as a basis a clear concept of the statements and the aesthetics, with plan and very good implementation.


Drawing is the clearest medium. From fast scribble to elaborate digital painting - DRIVE has great artists in the team, we are happy to show you examples!

Brand Strategy and Communication

Digital Brand Concept

The setup and management of brands, including your statements and messages involving electronic media, is the model for all other communication media.

  • Analysis and Research
  • Strategy
  • Communication Concept
  • Implementation

Corporate and Digital Brand Design

Designing the identity of your business with digital media follows new rules. The importance of brands is higher than before. Brands that refuse to disappear. The opportunity: new brands emerge. And others get new meanings. With fresh DRIVE.
We design your brand and your instruments for the digital world.

Content Creation

Content design is one of the major disciplines where good communication using interactive media is concerned. Our background: journalistic experience and a wealth of projects.

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