Web Portal and Rental Equipment Database for PartnerLIFT

You want to reach for the sky? PartnerLIFT offers all the rental equipment you require: aerial work platforms, construction machinery, cranes and forklifts - all in your area. A network of more than 100 PartnerLIFT partners provides perfect solutions all across Germany and Europe. The PartnerLIFT web portal includes a rental device database as well as a shop and grants easy Europe-wide access for a wide range of customers.

Target groups

  • professional users: companies, institutions, associations, public agencies - nationwide and in Europe
  • private users and households, B2C
  • Others rental companies specialising in work platforms, construction machinery, cranes, and forklifts to as possible new partners
  • members, partners, suppliers

DRIVE's tasks

  • analysis, concept and planning
  • web design, corporate identity, additional means of communications: mobile, print, in store etc.
  • development of the web portal
  • development of the rental appliance pool software including interfaces for partner websites
  • develpment of the new webshop featuring order system and rental/job management
  • development of the new PartnerLIFT mobile app
  • online marketing

    The solutions

    • PartnerLIFT Webshop 
    • PartnerLIFT Intranet 
    • PartnerLIFT rental equipment database  
    • PartnerLIFT App
    • classic communication instruments

    The result

    www.partnerlift.com is one of the leading portals in the aerial work platform and rental equipment sector in Europe.

    Great communication will get you to the top

    Contact Stephan Probst und Claas Beuke at pole-position[at]drive.eu. We're looking forward to meeting you