casusQuo - specialists in medial account auditing

casusQuo is a consortium for medical case and cost management helping health insurance providers to keep the stationary service expenditures under control. Currently 80 employees check hospital billings for insurances in Germany - regarding adherence to legal regulations as well as medical plausibility. The principles of fair remuneration and transparency drive casusQuo and their success shows in retaxation quotas. casusQuo is the perfect partner for health insurance companies.


DRIVE's tasks

DRIVE redeveloped the entire web site in TYPO3 - including redesign, new content structure, new imagery and last but not least planning and realization of a photo and film shoot. The text agency Zapato42 provided the required written content while DRIVE created the new digital concept "Origami". The aesthetically pleasing design works as a metaphor and signifies the care and precision casusQuo channels into audits and services provided for their customers.

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