Creativity is the essence of thinking


New worlds, no frontiers, driving ahead to explore the new. We will not stop to learn and comprehend and to integrate in our lives and our work.


Diversity enriches, it inspires us to try out and to develop ourselves. Live and work are processes, constantly in motion. Continuous innovation ist our aim and what we require from ourselves.


This defines our attitude approaching, projects, partners and ourselves. It is our claim, to develop constantly, to achieve the best, to never stand still.


Thoughts lead to action, experiment evolves to results. Clearness in structures and processes enables efficiency and effectiveness.


As designers, developpers and creative people we aim to be free in thinking and acting, to dare new applications and create the beautiful for media. To connect people, to enlighten work, to create the good. This is our mission.

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Your contact persons are Stephan Probst and Claas Beuke: pole-position[at] We look forward to you.