Die Göttin der Digitalen Transformation (2/2)

Goddess of Digitalization

19/05/20 Manche wollen einfach nicht digitalisieren. Obwohl alle ihre Kunden so kaufen wollen.

The Goddess of Digital Transformation brings happiness to the world and to all mankind. But there are still some who are not willing to become true believers. Though no one can buy anything from them in their stationery stores.

And when the Goddess finally comes to them ... she finds nothing but bones and stones in ruins. 


So many dancing Google & Amazon managers. And so many dead businesses aside. It´s a question of to live and let die. 

Who do you want to be?

The times they are a-changing! Adapt and use chances, for the benefit of your customers, company, friends, family and yourself. 

What is best for your customers?

How can your team produce, communicate and deliver? Create and use new opportunities!

Check! Choose! & Change!

Stephan Probst

Stephan Probst

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