2nd lockdown: next step into wilderness

13/11/20: How nature overwhelms us when we move back into our caves.

Our 2nd lockdown is here. And we have to admit: some of us may be tending a bit more to wilderness than others. This is what our families and friends fear most. Please see a fiction of what may await us in the near future. 

My daughters invite nature to come and live with us, in the midst of our home.

Our son cares about very special personal achievements: he is growing taller. But that is nearly all he does at all. Nothing else keeps him occupied, enough for a thirteen year old.

For myself: Shaving and hair cutting are out of reach. Makes my youngest one so very sad.

What can we do? This will await us whe we do not take especially hygienic and cosmetic precautions. So our main message is: Please do not shut down our hair dressers!

Stephan Probst

Stephan Probst

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