DRIVE Services for Digital Communication

DRIVE provides a full service for communication using digital media. We work long, hard and diligently on your projects and goals – as a partner you can depend on.

Analysis, concept, consultation

What good communication work achieves can be seen long-term. Analysis, creativity and concepts provide the basis at DRIVE:

  • Analysis: of brands, markets, competitive structures, products and their benefits; of customers and users with their requests and requirements; of dialog structures, media use and provision.
  • Strategy and consultation: We develop with you the communication strategy and creative concepts you seek. The result: you see the opportunities and options for new communication solutions available to you.
  • Project planning: development of timetable and budget. The crucial factor: feasibility!
  • Monitoring of the results

DRIVE creativity lends impetus to your communication

Graphic design: Form follows function – and nowhere more so than with electronic media. Extensive knowledge of technological innovations and usability is key here. It alone enables operating sequences to be optimized and reading and viewing habits to be used for quick and direct communication without having to shop around. DRIVE provides digital graphic design, interactive brand design & corporate design, graphic design print, online streaming, photography, illustration, and much more besides.

Text and editing: So that your message successfully reaches all the people it is supposed to, good websites need good text, which in turn requires maintenance. DRIVE creates text for all media, managing the editing of websites, newsletters and online communities, and so forth. Internationally based, we work in all languages in tandem with native speakers.

Development – for special quality

DRIVE develops complex web-based applications and software in Java, PHP, XML, HTML5 and other programming languages. It also develops mobile applications.

  • PHP development: esp. responsive websites for all desktop and mobile resolutions such as Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung tablets and phones, Blackberry, Nokia, and many others …
  • CMS development: setup and development of content management systems with extension development in TYPO3, WordPress, concrete5, Joomla!, Day, Lotus Notes, Liferay and proprietary development according to customer requirements in PHP, Java
  • Java development: object-oriented software and database development
  • E-commerce development of web shops, in xt:Commerce, Magento
  • Cross-media development: cross-media databases for global catalog production, etc.
  • App development: app development for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, and Windows Phone 8.0

Project management

The DRIVE Project Managers will accompany you through all steps of the project to ensure that the results are of the highest quality.

  • Project planning, project management and budget control
  • Content management: inspection, sorting and preparation of all materials, content, texts, images, films and other data
  • Maintenance and control of the content of your website(s)
  • Statistical analysis of the use of your media facilities
  • Domain administration
  • Online media planning and media setup for electronic media
  • Project controlling: How is your project performing? We help you to keep a steady eye on the results.
  • Consultancy and constant attention

Server maintenance: 24/7 service

DRIVE will also tend to your application and website outside normal business hours. We provide round-the-clock supervision and monitoring of your site seven days a week, even on Sundays and public holidays such as Christmas or New Year.

  • Hosting including choice of the appropriate service-providing partner
  • Installation including setting up of the servers and monitoring systems
  • 24/7 monitoring of applications, online shops and websites
  • System services including operation and supervision of applications and servers

There’s no pausing for breath.
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