Search engine optimization with DRIVE

Optimizing your website for search engines is one of the most exclusive and important tasks involved in design and development. The reason: very few visitors are likely to visit your website if it is not displayed early!

Why Google is important

Google is the market leader with an over 90% market search for all search queries. This means: if you cannot be located easily on Google, you and your website have a problem!

  • 90% of all purchase decisions begin online, and between 5 and 30 different websites are consulted prior to making a purchase
  • 87% of search engine users look no further than the first page of hits
  • 76% of all Internet users regard search engines as the most important channel of entry.
  • 32% of all search engine users are convinced that a company that is displayed on the first page is a market leader.
  • 34% of all search engine users assume that a supplier does not stock a particular product, if it is not in the results list.

Why search engine optimization is important

  1. Your users reach you through Google. Many, if not most of the visitors, will arrive at your website via Google, and perhaps through a few other search engines if everything has been done properly.
  2. Google obliges you to program a website well, to create clear structures and produce coherent texts. Because, even though it is a machine, Google wants to read and interpret your website like a user. And its algorithms are becoming more and more refined and, consequently, better.
  3. Google is changing constantly. Nowadays, there are increasingly smaller updates to the Google criteria and these occur with increasing frequency. This means: your website needs to be constantly checked and provided with the relevant updates.
  4. Google structures according to “relevance” and, consequently, searches for the “truth” as to which website offers the best content for a particular topic!

Your website is in competition with thousands of other websites. You have more chance of coming out on top if the first page of Google is your aim.

Tools for search engine optimization

SEO analysis

The first step is a detailed analysis of your website according to SEO aspects:

  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Analysis of the information architecture and the technical structure of the site

On this basis you will receive recommendations for the next action to be taken.

Search engine advertising

Good results are achieved with AdWords – providing you plan, organize and direct your campaigns carefully and monitor the results continuously. We will attend to this for you.

On-page optimization

Following the keyword analysis, we know which search terms are important, whether and how they appear on your website, and what’s missing here. Your site now needs to be arranged in such a way that Google has no trouble scanning it for these keywords and that it will then supply the right results. We work on the structures of the site, the texts, titles, meta descriptions, the URL structure, the technical infrastructure, and much more besides.

SEO management

It can be months before SEO measures kick in. When all the measures have been properly implemented, the ranking positions of your website will steadily improve in terms of the most important keywords. However, as Google is constantly changing and adapting its search algorithms, the position will always have to be monitored and action taken. To achieve this, we set up the correct infrastructure in conjunction with you.

Off-page optimization

Who provides various links to your website? And do these links assist you or even do harm? We help you to clean up and optimize this structure. In doing so, we proceed in strict compliance with Google’s policy.

SEO partner

To achieve the best possible results, we collaborate with professional partners on the SEO analysis and implementation.

  • DRIVE is a Sistrix partner: DRIVE uses Sistrix for the research, maintenance, optimization and ongoing SEO monitoring of websites.
  • Regular SEO training of the DRIVE team on SEO-related issues
  • Use of external experts in a complementary role for the analysis, support and analytics

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