Website and Hire Equipment Database for PartnerLIFT

Are your sights set high? At PartnerLIFT you will find the equipment you need.

Do you wish to hire an aerial work platform, that allows you to reach heights of over 100 meters or construction machinery, cranes and forklifts for almost any requirement – and always close to your business from one of over 70 PartnerLIFT rental partners in Germany, Switzerland, Poland and other European countries? DRIVE has built the website for PartnerLIFT and designed its digital communication.

The task:

  • To develop and relaunch the website of PartnerLIFT, the hire consortium of aerial work platforms, construction machinery, cranes and forklifts
  • To develop a hire equipment database for all partners of the PartnerLIFT community, so they can supply work platforms, construction machinery, cranes and forklifts even more competently, comfortably and efficiently throughout Germany

The solution:

Website using open-source CMS WebDRIVER, allowing interested parties to quickly find the aerial work platform, construction machinery, crane or forklift required and the nearest hire firm for this equipment. PartnerLIFT intranet as an internal communication platform for all the partners, with forum and materials exchange, and for viewing the entire equipment pool of all the PartnerLIFT rental partners. PartnerLIFT hire equipment database as a cross-media system: this system feeds the PartnerLIFT website and the websites of the affiliated partners with equipment details, generates searches and results, automatically produces datasheets for all the equipment with picture galleries and diagrams, and much more.

The result: is one of the leading websites in the aerial work platform and hire equipment sector. The PartnerLIFT app is one of the leading mobile applications in this sector.

The PartnerLIFT community:

PartnerLIFT is a cooperative association of independent, medium-sized hire firms for aerial work platforms. PartnerLIFT is among the German market leaders in the hire of aerial work platforms. Many of the partner firms also supply construction machinery, forklifts and cranes. Since 2007 PartnerLIFT has also had partners in Switzerland and Poland.