Hannoverscher Yacht-Club e.V. (HYC)

The Hannoversche Yacht-Club e.V. (HYC) from 1906 is one of the oldest sailing clubs in Hanover and on the nearby Steinhuder Meer and is steeped in tradition. It is also one of the biggest yacht clubs in Lower Saxony. Tradition and sporting success are closely associated at the HYC, as are mass sports and high-performance sailing. Youth work has a decades-long tradition at the HYC, regularly producing successful regatta sailors from within the club’s own ranks. A large number of regatta sailors, who have been successful and won titles in both national and international competitions come from the club.

DRIVE supports the HYC and has designed the website, the club magazine “Schäkel” (Shackles), and other print materials: www.hyc.de