Online shop, website and cross-media database for Gieseke Cosmetics International

The task

To build an extensive online shop for hairdressing and cosmetic supplies, which is automatically updated each day from the ERP system.

The solution

Web shop with around 10,000 articles, updated daily from the Gieseke ERP system by means of secure EDI connection

  • Linkup to credit card payment system and automatic feedback of the orders into the ERP
  • Decentralized upload of image materials
  • Easy-to-maintain website: the complementary website can be edited without any difficulty by means of the open source CMS WebDRIVER
  • Extensive cross-media database: the entire system has been designed as a cross-media database, for catalogues, promotional campaigns and mailshots as printable templates.

The result

Gieseke Cosmetics International sells online products and thereby provides its customers with a considerably better service than the competition. The shop is proving very successful. Project duration from the start was roughly four weeks.

The company

Robert Gieseke GmbH is today one of the biggest wholesalers for hairdressing supplies in Germany. With 40 sales representatives and more than 120 in-house staff, the company is committed to serving its customers in the hairdressing community.