Online Shops (B2C) with DRIVE

This is what a successful, eye-catching online shop should look like: attractive to its users, lean in its administration, quick to access, with exactly the right products and offers that you would not find anywhere else with this service, and available around the clock. At DRIVE you work with experts in the conception, design, development and online marketing of online shops.

Experts for online trade at every stage of the process

DRIVE’s range of services covers every stage from the initial concept via the design and development of the whole system, including the linkup with your ERP system to complete maintenance and support. We are your partner and facilitator at all the important process stages involved in the construction of your online shop.

Design of the user interfaces

How are users going to access your shop? How are they to view your products quickly? And then go on to buy them? The key is to keep the conversion rate of your shop system as high as possible. The shop should be (1) designed on the basis of the latest findings and experiences, and (2) be continually monitored and adjusted. Online shopping and the experiences of your users and customers continue to develop all the time and quickly too. The design must therefore support your customers’ shopping experience efficiently and effectively over the entire shop and at each individual stage of the buying process.

  • Web design for the web shop
  • Mobile design for the web shop

Web shop organization

The backend of your shop system must be designed in such a way that it ideally reflects your processes or reconstructs these:

  • for processing inquiries
  • for shipping and logistics
  • for handling and managing inquiries
  • for returns management
  • for managing all customer data

This requires very close cooperation with all the teams and contact partners you are involved with. Additionally, we can provide you with support for the process, quickly and flexibly.

Online Payment

DRIVE works with a variety of payment systems that can be easily integrated into the ordering process of your website. We advise you on the choice of a payment supplier, the design of all the processes such as the collection service, and much more besides.

Hosting, security and 24/7 maintenance

Your online shop should be accessible 24 hours long, 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays. Our hosting team will even supervise the system around the clock outside of office hours. In fact, we monitor the system continuously and attend to all the required security and other updates.

Online shop development

There is a huge variety of shop systems. Yet which best suits the needs of your business, your product range and your customers? It is rare that a ready-made system will work straightaway. What are important are standards that can be flexibly adapted and expanded to suit your requirements and objectives. DRIVE’s expertise includes developing shop systems in:

  • xt:Commerce
  • Magento
  • Java and PHP

Linkup with your ERP system

We interface your shop system with your enterprise resource planning system. We have experience with linking up to SAP, AS400 and individual ERPs

Shop maintenance and support

When it comes to maintaining and supervising your shop, there are lots of other tasks we are able to support you with.

  • Product range maintenance and ordering
  • Creation of the product texts: search engine optimized and customer- friendly
  • Creation of category and brand texts: search engine optimized and user-friendly
  • Added advice and support with the strategic development of your shop.Ihres Shops.

Support with the creation and expansion of the operating structures

  • Setup of the customer management system
  • Fulfillment, shipment and logistics incl. returns
  • Call center and customer dialog provisions
  • Payment and collection

Online marketing

DDRIVE devises, designs and organizes the online marketing of your shop efficiently and effectively. Based on your objectives, we work with you to create the concept for all online-marketing measures including budget and timetable. The following tools are important here:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) on-page and off-page
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) with design and optimization of your campaigns
  • Social media marketing (SMM) with design and maintenance of all contributions
  • Newsletter marketing with editing, design and mailing
  • Data analysis of your users and sales data

… plus further advertising measures both digital and classical.

Online Shops – Examples

Here you can see an overview of projects that exemplify the various types of online shop which DRIVE has developed and designed.

  • Ann Mode, web shop for fashion and clothing
  • Brackelsberg online shoe shop
  • GISY Schuhe online shoe shop for top shoe brands
  • Gieseke Cosmetics International: ordering system and extensive web shop for international hairdressing and cosmetic supplies
  • Grüterich online shoe shop
  • Gundlach online shoe shop
  • JUPPEN online shoe shop
  • Hello Kitty: online gift items shop for Kaufmann merchandising products

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