DRIVE IT – New Technologies. Better Solutions.

Our mission is to make use of the best technology – while, at the same time, continuing to progress and find even better solutions. The basis for this is the precise analysis of the requirements and parameters involved.

Below we provide you with an overview of the methods and tools of IT and of software development at DRIVE.

Areas of DRIVE Involvement:

Responsive web design, CMS, e-commerce, data management and CRM, app development, knowledge management

In many areas of work, the know-how of the DRIVE IT team is called into action whenever we develop new and individual software solutions and communication systems for our customers.

1. Responsive and reactive websites

DRIVE develops and builds responsive and adaptive websites and portals on any scale. Target devices are all types of mobile smartphones and tablets plus stationary desktop computers. Where concept, development and design are concerned, we discriminate between:

  • Responsive Design: where navigation, layout and design of the elements are adapted to the environment of the terminal
  • Responsive Content: where content is differentiated according to the terminal and the associated usage requirements, e.g. What does the user really want to see with this device? It is precisely this content that is provided.
  • Reactive Design & Content: where content is released that is individually tailored to the respective user.

Our customers are companies and organizations that operate globally or whose business is conducted at national, regional or local level.

2. Content management and website development

We work with the following systems:

  • TYPO3
  • WordPress
  • concrete5
  • Liferay
  • Joomla!
  • Day Communiqué
  • individual developments in PHP or Java

… and many other.

One focus of our work is on TYPO3. We develop extensions and construct complex systems in TYPO3 involving editorial process support, individual content delivery, and lots more. Several of our colleagues are certified TYPO3 developers.

3. E-commerce and e-business

Another focal point of our work is the development, construction and operation of e-commerce systems based on the following software:

  • xtCommerce
  • Magento
  • individual developments in PHP or Java

For all the shops we operate, a large number of individual solutions are required to support the processes.

  • Linkup to ERP systems such as AS400 or SAP
  • Integration of payment solutions
  • Tools for the administration and maintenance of extensive product data
  • Customer management systems involving individual solutions such as group allocation, profile creation, etc.
  • Creation of in-site and WYSIWYG editors for the sorting and categorizing of large ranges of products
  • Creation of dialog solutions
  • Creation of tools for the setup and support of logistics processes

4. Data management and CRM solutions

Closely associated with e-business are our solutions for the management of large volumes of data and the creation of solutions supporting business processes. Many of these applications are server-based; at the same time, we also develop front end solutions.

  • Tools for the maintenance and management of product data for product management applications
  • Administration of user and customer data for CRM processes
  • Newsletter systems
  • Cross-media catalog systems

5. App development

We carry out the development of native apps for smartphones and tablets in the following systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 8.0

In addition, we develop websites for all types of mobile and stationary terminal equipment.

6. Knowledge management

Companies need to document and develop their knowledge, and thus ensure a lively exchange. This is especially important if they operate across a number of sites, develop products or pursue research in another way. The aim is to secure this knowledge and continuously develop it to safeguard the future. DRIVE supports them with many subtasks:

  • Analysis of the existing structures and systems
  • Conception and construction of the software-assisted knowledge management system
  • Development, setup and implementation involving basic structure, documentation system, project group work rooms, profiles and blackboards, wiki systems, dialog systems, chat forums and numerous other tools
  • Integration into the IT landscape of the company
  • Support with the operation and continuous development of the system

DRIVE Software Development:

„To infinity and beyond!“ (Captain Buzz Lightyear)

The tasks involved in software development at DRIVE cover a very broad range. For every assignment we have an appropriate set of tools available and in use:

Variety of programming languages: ​​PHP, Java, Objective-C, Javascript, Python, Shell scripts

Tools and version control systems: Jenkins, Git, Gradle, Composer, IntelliJIDEA and PhpStorm

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Symfony, Spring and Doctrine

Markup languages: HTML, Markdown, XML, YAML, CSS preprocessor and front end

Build Tools : Composer, Gradle, and Apache Maven Project

Content management systems (CMS): WordPress, Typo 3 and Concrete5

PDF generation: XSL, XSL-FO and Render X

E-Commerce: xtCommerce, Magento

DRIVE Quality Management:

Continuous Improvement

By making steady, incremental improvements, we in the DRIVE IT team are constantly optimizing our development processes. This is an integral part of the quality management system we use. The aim is to permanently enhance and progressively safeguard the quality of our work. Our instruments:

  • Use of version control systems: GIT
  • Automated deployment with well-defined deployment pipelines for testing, code analysis, performance tests
  • Standard unit testing

Continuous professional development in all systems and areas of responsibility is also of particular importance to us here. We attend seminars, conferences and events, collaborate closely with external experts and consultants, and run our own professional development projects researching into and testing new problem-solving approaches with regard to their suitability for practical use.


DRIVE Hosting and Maintenance:

„Everything’s under control, Captain“ (Bridge to Captain Kirk)

To host the systems, shops and sites, we work closely with well-known providers. They are able to choose from a variety of solutions that we put together and recommend in line with your requirements:

  • Web hosting packages on DRIVE servers at a well-known business hosting partner at their secure data processing center
  • Web hosting package with your external provider
  • Individual hosting solution on your own server system, with a well-known business hosting partner at their secure data processing center with:

minimal set-up, security and performance gain by reducing the server’s services to the requisite web, database and mail clusters, proxy and memcached servers, management of firewalls

  • Backup systems, to reduce the risk of data loss
  • 24/7 monitoring service: We are happy to attend to your application outside of normal business hours, as an add-on to the out-and-out system service from the hosting provider
  • Maintenance and administration of the servers and web hosting packages, with ongoing monitoring as well as server and software updates


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