Cross media with DRIVE

Cross media system solutions are an integral part of DRIVE’s service and development portfolio, an aspect which we are continuing to promote.

Cross media systems for web, print and mobile application

The aim and task of a cross media system is to bring together data from different data sources and release it in a variety of new media channels in a dynamic manner in accordance with specific format and design requirements. We employ systems such as these, for example, to release apps for web catalogs, print catalogs and catalogs for mobile applications. These systems are especially efficient whenever the processing of very large quantities of data is required.

At the heart of such a system is the media-neutral database, in which all the relevant data are compiled, linked and maintained. All the data, texts, images, prices and other information from ERP systems such as SAP or AS 400 and other sources flow into this database and can be organised and added to as required. The data is continuously updated as a rule, and the output media can be kept suitably dynamic. The advantage is that the user is always up to speed.

Examples and references

We have developed solutions for companies such as:

  • ALTANA Group
  • Johnson Controls International including VARTA automotive and OPTIMA batteries
  • Schaeffler Group (LuK, INA, FAG, Ruville, ContiTech)
  • Gieseke Cosmetics International
  • Mondo Minerals
  • PartnerLIFT

Databases and development in Java or PHP

Performance-proven systems such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, etc. are used as databases here. The DRIVE applications are developed on the basis of Java or PHP.

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