Content management with DRIVE

There are a lot of good content management systems available, yet which is the right one for you? It should be flexible, simple, scalable, efficient and much more besides. And how should CMS processes and structure be configured? With DRIVE you will find the right CMS, tailored to your purposes.

DRIVE regularly screens the CMS market, testing and evaluating systems on the basis of your needs and objectives. The main systems we use are TYPO3, concrete5, WordPress, WebDriver. In addition, we are experienced in working with Drupal, Joomla!, Liferay, Day and Lotus Notes. We also deploy our know-how developing extensions and complex systems using TYPO3. DRIVE’s developers are certified for TYPO3. In addition, we develop CMS ourselves on an open source basis, directly in line with your requirements. This enables us to determine the right CMS to suit your needs and employ it to your advantage.

TYPO3 – CMS solution for sites from complex to very simple

Here you can find information about TYPO3. We have a great deal of experience of using this system and employ it not only for small and modest sites but also for very complex requirements.

The advantages of TYPO3

TYPO3 allows you to work quickly and efficiently, and it provides extensive features. TYPO3 is a free open source CMS that can be tailored to your individual wants and needs. The CMS is modular in design and can be individually expanded by means of extensions. We develop TYPO3 extensions ourselves and/or refine them on the basis of our experience and expertise.

Features and facilities at a glance

  • Content management system: composition and editing of texts, data and content using a rich text editor; no previous knowledge required
  • Localization (aka “multi language tasking”), suitable for any country in the world
  • Individual template creation: design of the website according to your requirements
  • Development and adaption of extensions: extensions can be individually tailored or adapted (e.g. online shop, blog, forum, closed user areas, news system, newsletter, etc.)
  • Downloads: integration of all current download formats: EPS, JPG, PDF, XLS, etc.
  • Several domains can be maintained in a TYPO3 environment
  • Exports: display of web pages in various formats, as PDF, RSS, XML and the like
  • Search engine optimization: we will optimize your TYPO3 website for all current search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, if so requested

Examples and references for TYPO3

These are examples of some of the projects that we have developed and realized using TYPO 3:

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