DRIVE Communication – Start from Pole Position

DRIVE devises, designs and develops communication and services for digital media. DRIVE represents energy, quality and the power to get things done. So you can lead the way and achieve your objectives faster, better and with greater confidence. Our commitment: to always produce the best communication solution for you. This helps you realize what you want to accomplish – and delivers maximum benefits to your customers.

Communication: Strategy + Concept

The basis of good communication is providing a positive response to the relevant question: Who do you wish to address? What’s the message, the intention, the situation? What DRIVE provides is support and assistance at every stage of the process, with guidance where need be.

Interactive Brand Communication

The setup and management of brands, including your statements and messages involving electronic media, has become in many cases the model for all other communication media.

Services for developing communication strategies and concepts

  • In-depth analysis of the aims, target groups, products, parameters, market and competitive contexts
  • Strategy creation, incl. definition of the long-term focus, statements and appeal
  • Concepts for the tools involved, incl. choice and structuring, scheduling and budgeting
  • Development of the statements and language of the images and texts, editorial concept and plan
  • Implementation guidance
  • Application of the results
  • Performance monitoring, advising on the next steps, maintenance and operation

Services for interactive brand communication

  • Design of digital communication tools
  • Corporate design and brand design
  • Design of movies and animation
  • Statements, wording, texts, editing: planning, development, implementation
  • Consistent communication in interactive media
  • Social media communication

E-commerce and E-business

DRIVE supports you with the setup and maintenance of your e-business systems and/or online shop. Against a background of numerous successfully initiated projects, we are happy to advise and support you with regard to concept, structures, systems and their setup, development, design and maintenance.

Content Development

Content design is one of the major disciplines where good communication using interactive media is concerned. Our background: journalistic experience and a wealth of projects.

Services for e-commerce and e-business

  • E-commerce systems: concept, structure, setup and development – here we draw up, together with you, the plan to suit your needs
  • Payment: processes, systems and integration, incl. collection facility
  • Logistic processes and structures: how your products reach your customers and vice versa, i.e. in one piece
  • Product portfolio management and maintenance
  • IT structures: database design, ERP syncing with interfaces and processes (SAP, AS 400, etc.)
  • Online shop systems: xt:Commerce, Magento, plus development of numerous extensions and additional functions
  • User dialog: B2C, B2B – setup of the structures, processes, systems
  • CRM: customer systems and management
  • Newsletter systems

Services for content development

  • Corporate content: What is the most suitable content for your company? What form and content are you able to produce and publish well and persistently? And, above all, how?
  • Content design & content creation: the right idea and the appropriate form are the basis for the perfect website – your own.
  • Editing organization, structures and processes
  • Content for communities and portals – setup, maintenance and editing


SEO Analysis and Recommendations

No web communication can function without search engine optimization. If you cannot be found on the Web, you cannot make contact with anyone to offer them your products and services. By carrying out a thorough analysis, we will help you to identify and implement the right recommendations and action.

Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Keyword analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Analysis of the link structures
  • Setup of the reporting structures
  • Setup of the consulting structures

The basis for good communication
Strategy and concepts with DRIVE