Artwork and comics with DRIVE

DRIVE supports and works on projects in art, culture and comics.

Werner Büchler

Werner Büchler is a painter, theater director, dancer, a great entertainer and an amazing human being. Werner lives and works in Paris and on the Côte d’Azur. He was introduced to us by our good friend Padraig O’Curry. Werner’s works impressed us immediately with their colorfulness, vivacity and the joy that they exude. In 2003, we were able to display Werner’s works in our, at the time, still small (second) agency offices in Podbielskistrasse. There was an exhibition, a party with music, snacks and Werner in person. With big canvases covering several meters and plenty of smaller works, the exhibition was a great success: almost all the works were sold! We are still very proud of the fact that Werner has found so many friends of his work thanks to DRIVE.

Ines Hildur

We were able to enlist the painter and architect Ines Hildur for an exhibition at DRIVE in 2004. Ines works in a very abstract, colorful and fun-loving manner. Her works have been very well received at DRIVE and have gained a lot of friends.

Ines lives and works as an artist, art teacher and architect in Leipzig.

Ludi Sereni

We have been following and supporting the exceptional artist, philosopher and person Jost Merscher at his Ludi Sereni art salon events for many years. It was in this format that Jost introduced artists, musicians, film makers, comic illustrators, writers and many other representatives of modern art forms to a very open-minded audience. Ludi Sereni was an exciting mix where the visitors never knew beforehand what to expect; there was always something surprising, eye-catching and inspirational. The Ludi Sereni brand is taking a break; the format itself is so convincing that Jost has been able to carry it forward in a new form with new ideas as “KUNSTFIEBER” (Art Fever).

Jost Merscher

Jost Merscher is a philosopher, exhibition and event organizer, and an extraordinary artist and person. Jost creates algorithmic paintings. His exceptionally striking work “Frühlingswald” (Spring Wood) enhances our conference room and enhances meetings and presentations with its positive energy.

Jost Merscher is active in the cultural life of North Germany with his art salon events “KUNSTFIEBER” for the Cultural Office of Hanover as well as “Ludi Sereni” and through exciting exhibitions.

Rainer Schlegelmilch

He is probably the most significant Formula 1 photographer since the 1960s. His works and photographs of the races and drivers are immediate, “up close and personal”, and very powerful, generating tremendous force. We are proud that Rainer Schlegelmilch has seen fit to print in large format and sign some of his images for DRIVE. We delight to see these fine works each day, which inspire us and provide a daily impetus for our work! Our very sincere thanks and our very great respect for your work, Herr Schlegelmilch!

Kunstverein Wunstorf

The aims of the Kunstverein Wunstorf art society are to promote and propagate the fine arts, to make contemporary art with its different forms of expression tangible, to display a variety of artistic positions, to promote artists, and to provide an experience of art through exhibitions. DRIVE has been helping the society with the design of its website and its exhibition since 2005.

U-Comix – relaunch of the comic magazine

DRIVE supported the independent comic magazine U-Comix from 2012 to 2014 and hence made possible its relaunch. The aim was to create an autonomous forum in the German-speaking area for new comic illustrators. Issues 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187 and 188 were produced at three month intervals, as well as a special issue on the theme “1984”. Distributing it at all rail station outlets and specialist comic stores in Germany enabled the crazy comic book to become self-sufficient, which pleases us greatly. With up to 3,500 copies per issue, U-Comix was able to become (again) one of the most successful German comics. After 7 issues and a special issue, which were produced by DRIVE, we parted company at the end of 2014. We wish the team all the best, great fun, every success, and some free thinking in producing good comics.

DRIVE supported the trade fair presentations of the independent artists’ and comic illustrators’ community “” at the comic fairs at Erlangen in 2012 and 2014 and at the Munich Comic Festival in 2013, with presentations at the stands, in front of the press, and in several ads of the trade fair publications. It was a nice way for new independent comic book artists from the German-speaking regions to introduce their work to a larger, international audience and so acquire new readers. We were pleased to welcome guests such as Gilbert Shelton and Gerhard Seyfried to the stands.

For Panini publishing, DRIVE has redeveloped the existing community “” as a fully responsive online portal for mobile and desktop media. myComics displays all types of comics from cartoon strips to horror, with an entire section for comics drawn by users, a comic competition and extracts from comic volumes already in print. Use of the website and the forum is free of charge.


Many comic publishers and comic dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland produce free comic books specifically for this day, so that fans and readers can take them back home with them to the participating countries – all at no extra cost. DRIVE has created the advertising material for this initiative for GCT 2014 and GCT 2015 and provided the chosen cartoonists with support in producing the designs.

DRIVE Comics: DRIVE as publisher

In past years, DRIVE has realized the following comic projects as publisher, producer and promoter:

  • „DRIVE – Männer, Frauen & Motoren“ – Comic magazine with DRIVE for the Gratis-Comic-Tag 2015
  • U-Comix with DRIVE: Issues 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187 and 188 plus a special issue on the theme “1984”, from 2012 to 2014
  • Trade fair presentations and communication at the comic fairs in Erlangen in 2012 and 2014, and at the Munich Comic Festival in 2013
  • 1st album, by Stephan Probst, 2014, with A stroll through 90 years of popular culture: Formula 1 racing; FIFA World Cup with Beckenbauer, Hoeness and Müller; the Beatles, the Stones, Led Zeppelin and punk; the Dadaists and Surrealists, et al.
  • Swift – BURN baby BURN, by Stephan Probst, 2012,, ISBN-10: 3000383816. Every age gets the superheroes it deserves: Swift is dirty and his BO leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Der Comic-Killer, by Stephan Probst, 2010, with BEATCOMIX published by Holzhof Verlag, ISBN-10: 3939509876.
  • Yamina – Abenteuer Baby, by Stephan Probst, 2007, DRIVE Comics, ISBN-10: 3000213465.
  • Helden, Weiber und Barbaren, by Stephan Probst, 2007, DRIVE Comics, ISBN-10: 3000213457.
  • Die unglaublichen Abenteuer des Captain Black Box, by Stephan Probst, 2007, DRIVE Comics, ISBN-10: 3000213449.
  • Issues from DRIVE for the GRATIS Comic Days 2012 (with and 2013 and 2014 (for U-Comix)

Stephan Probst

… worked both before and during his agency years as a painter, graphic artist and illustrator, profiting from exhibitions and commissions, both on his own and through various groups of artists. He has exhibited in Dresden, Hanover and Erlangen, including several times at the International Comic Fair. Works by Stephan have been published by Panini,, Beatcomix (Holzhof Verlag) and Moga Mobo.

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