DRIVE – the Media Agency

DRIVE devises, designs and develops communication, applications and services for digital media. So you can lead the way and achieve your objectives faster, better and with greater confidence. Our commitment is to create the best communication solution for you.

DRIVE facts

DRIVE represents energy, quality and the power to get things done. Our aim is to ensure that, with DRIVE, you’ll reach your destination faster.

2002 DRIVE launches. Small at first, then based in the Tiedthof, subsequently in the Podbi Park. Initial customers and projects are:

  • VARTA –The Battery Experts: relaunch of the international websites for the company divisions Automotive Batteries, Consumer Batteries, VARTA Micro Group and VARTA AG
  • Kreissparkasse Hannover and Stadtsparkasse Hannover: redesign and development of the website for the merger of the two companies
  • LLOYD shoes: design and development of the international website
  • relaunch of the website
2006 DRIVE trades as DRIVE GmbH & Co. KG. We move to Bödekerstraße.
2011 DRIVE is one of the top 5 strongest-growing agencies in Germany. (Interactive Ranking DE)
2012 DRIVE moves to the Keksfabrik: : more room for design, creation and development of digital media.
present DRIVE is able to provide complete, full-service, provision for interactive media and software:

  • Strategy and concept for communication and online marketing
  • Creative input for digital and classic media
  • Development for digital media, web-based applications and mobile apps
  • 24/7 maintenance for hosting
  • Mondial de l’Automobile, Paris: Best Website
  • Focus Money: Top 20 Website
  • Shop Usability Award

DRIVE involvement: Haiti-Not-Hilfe e.V.

The registered charity Haiti-Not-Hilfe e.V. supports a refuge for homeless orphans in Haiti who would otherwise be living on the street. The reason we at DRIVE like their work and support the charity: we think it’s very practical. It is a very small charity largely run by Mr. and Mrs. Diehl working on their own, without incurring any (or only very few) administration costs. Mr Diehl is a physician and very much attends himself to the medical examinations on site. We find it especially important that structures have been built up that enable the children to have a home and experience a good education so that they might have a better control over their future. Anyone wishing to learn more and support the charity themselves may do so via its website. With any purchase made from and other online shops via the link below, a percentage of the price is donated directly to the charity.

DRIVE also supports various church-based projects as well as projects in the areas of art & culture and sport.

There’s no pausing for breath.
Things are moving ahead.